Appeals I: insects

The Appeals post is a regular feature on this blog. Periodically, it will present a list of words all belonging to the same class (e.g. plants, animals, dances, etc.). The Appeals list seeks information on words; such as whether they are still used and whether their meanings have changed. Please feel free to tell us what you remember about the things the words refer to, jokes, proverbs, anything. We are interested in hearing from you even if to say that you do/don’t know a particular word.

In bold and italic font you will find the word written using an English-type system. This is followed by the same word written out in the special writing system developed by Frederic Cassidy around the middle of the last century, and recently revised by the Jamaican Language Unit, at the University of the West Indies, Mona.

appeckeh (apeke)

boobo (bubu)

bugaboo (bagabu)

iniquity (inikwiti)

gingy fly (ginggi flai, jinji flai)


kitty-boo (kitibu)

moonie (muuni)

news bug (nyuuz bog)

pity-me-likkle (piti-mi-likl)

rain fly (rien-flai)

titty biter (titi-baita)

tumble bruise (tombl bruuz)

tumble turd (tombl tod)

We would also like to know the other interesting names you use for these and other insects in your home community.

Joseph T. Farquharson